Learning Agreement Feedback

After receiving some feedback, I was told my subject was too broad, which I was already slightly aware of. I have now decided at this current stage, I would really like to investigate more into looking at the value of branding, and how this is perceived by both the audience who see it, and the client that commissions it, which is important for the future of branding and identity.

A few agencies I spoke to suggest that clients will not pay thousands for branding anymore, because it is easily accessible and many websites can offer it cheaper nowadays, which for any new designer having just entered the industry like myself, are bound to learn to continue believing this… who of course are going to be the next generation of designers. Researching more into the value of branding and future of this is definitely something I want to narrow my search down to begin with.

To begin exploring this area practically I intend to look at ‘value’ and symbols through practice and through a literature search for the research methods module.