Learning Agreement

Initially one of the important discussions regarding my topic in relation to the design industry is looking at what the future holds for branding and Identity.
I may use my viewpoints to question a range of different audiences, professionals with years of experience, designers just entering the industry, and business owners who are regarded as the customers. Ideally it would be useful to know a vast range of thoughts and opinions on this, as well as researching into the digital revolution which is continuously changing the way we design.

Other general key areas of research I intend to start looking into, is the history of branding, its importance and the key role it plays.  I also want to look at the value as it currently stands and cheap accessibility of a logo design which many online websites have to offer, even those websites that demonstrate easy, simple steps on how to design a unique logo.

Looking into a recent re-brand that raised many questions about branding was the logo for Boots No7 beauty product range, in which the logo remained unchanged apart from appearing larger and more confident on the packaging. However, the main idea behind the project was to modernise the aesthetic to appeal to new users whilst not alienating loyal fans of the brand and at the same time introduce more coherence across sub-categories and help improve product navigation at the point of sale. The research not only steered elements of the structural packaging design, but also gave them an insight into the way women navigated beauty products in store and at home. They assigned colours to skin types, grouped products into families and ensured that variants such as ‘day’ and ‘night’ were easily distinguishable both in out of their cartons.

I found certain questions were raised such as to why they had taken so long to re-brand it when the logo had actually remained unchanged. Almost as though the project deserved a more defining name, and that this was not in fact a re-brand.

As discussed with the group, I want to start looking at logos and question what these represent on their own taking into consideration the design, colour, typography, shape and composition, and questioning its meaning, in relation to what it actually represents as a stand-alone logo. I may also ask others to look at these logos in the same way and form a range of opinions on these.

I want to look at particular audiences through social and cultural differences, as a means of engaging with my chosen audience in order to demonstrate and keep the viewers engaged in the complete process of a branding project. I want to pull in an audience or customers to allow them to recognise what a brand could potentially do.