Designing Brand Identity

I am currently reading ‘Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler’, throughout this she discusses brand strategies and a structure to the building process.  What I found quite interesting with starting to take my research towards looking into the digital revolution and changes in technology, was that she discusses these have changed however the fundamentals have not.The fundamentals of brand building include listening to and learning from customers to meet their requirement needs. These are much greater now being surrounded by digital communication and consumer empowerment. Throughout my two major projects during my BA, I decided to take on the challenge of influencing an audience within each project to firstly consider how privileged they are today with the ease of access when it comes to commination, and through my second project I aimed to encourage shoppers to not consume, aiming to influence an audience to grow their own food. I found people were reluctant to go backwards on life, which is understandable when everything is moving forward at such a high fast pace.
Therefore, taking this into consideration; I believe it is important to step away from concentrating alone on the tools, and look more into the fundamental values of design, and what this holds for the future of branding and identity.