Illuminating the Difference between Brand and Brand Identity

Another question that keeps striking up is the difference between brand, and brand identity, so I decided to briefly look into this; starting with researching into branding in general.

Brands have three primary functions; navigation, reassurance and engagement. Navigation helps consumers to choose brands from an array of choices, reassurance communicates the brands product and service quality, and engagement identifies the brand using distinctive imagery to encourage consumers.   Companies look for ways to connect emotionally with customers as competition creates infinite choices. A strong brand will stand out in the market place, and people grow to trust and believe in them. How a brand is perceived affects its success; whether it is a start-up, a non-profit, or a product. Branding is about growing customer loyalty and increasing awareness.

Brand identity appeals to the senses that you can see, touch and interact with it; in order to build a brand identity it needs to grow recognition and amplify differentiation.