I must admit, I have had a slow start settling in to my masters studying. I am usually well organised however, I ended up getting myself in a little bit of a rut when it came to sorting out my research. I have to be organised in everything I do, and the problem I had here was, I could not find a solution to sorting my documents, found online articles, eBooks in a way where I could easily refer back to and access relevant pieces which I could use towards on-going investigations and more importantly,  my literature review.
After speaking to my tutor about this, he suggested using Evernote. He gave me a mini tutorial on how it was used, and after this, I began to start organising some of my found research.

I am already finding it really useful; it allows me to sort my research into relevant folders, and not only this, I have realised it will be visible to me which research I have already undertaken, and to what extent. By pinpointing keywords at this initial stage, and creating note folders for each subject taken from my learning agreement, it will help me to stay focuses and not get side tracked.
The notes also come with a tagging system which can be added to each note, to make the whole finding process much easier.
Another great thing is that I can also take Evernote with me, with having it on my iPad and iPhone. I do often come up with spur of the moment ideas, or see things I wish I could ‘save’ there and then, However, luckily I can now.
Throughout my notes, I am currently saving articles, eBooks I have found, other design blogs that particularly speak about branding and identity and interviews with other design professionals.

This is definitely worth having; you can access Evernote free from here, or simply download it from the App store.