Colour Enables Brand Recognition

Colour plays an important role and says a lot about the brand, it establishes the identity of business in the eyes of the client, more than the wording within the logo. The unique brand colour allows the logo to be recognisable from a long distance, and helps brands stand out amongst their competitors.

The use of colour is used to express the companies brand attributes; the use of the colour green would be used to convey healthy living, nature and the environment.
Garnier Fructis hair care products, being widely known and displayed in bright green coloured bottles, uses this colour to communicate growth, fertility and rebirth. The product is designed and produced to protect and strengthen the hair to reveal its life, beauty, and shininess.

Some colours are so important to brands that they have to trademark them; Tiffany & Co, or now known worldwide as Tiffany Blue trademarked the unique light blue, which has now become an international symbol of style and sophistication.

“It’s our purple, say Cadbury” Cadbury Dairy Milk, which has used the purple for more than 90 years, had a legal battle to win exclusive use of its signature Pantone 2685C purple.
A Cadbury spokesman says, “We welcome the decision of the High Court which allows us to register as a Trade Mark and protect our famous Colour Purple across a range of milk chocolate products. Our Colour Purple has been linked with Cadbury for more than a century and the British public have grown up understanding its link with our chocolate”.