The Research Process

I have been given this really helpful structure explaining each of the stages of the research process, which starts with identifying my aim. My main initial focus is looking at the value of branding, questioning how branding and identity is perceived by clients and an audience, and discovering what the future holds for branding and identity.
In order to find some answers to these I will carry out a number of research methods; primary and secondary and throughout this I intend to gather a number of opinions on brand recognition.
To continue on from my research, I will look at how brands look visually and question how they make clients and audiences feel in relation to what they represent. After the group discussion on Wednesday I was told to narrow down my limitations and choose a subject focus for my topic. This is something I have not as of yet done, however examples of this could be to look at only food brands, as opposed to ‘all’ brands of course.
The second point on the diagram is; carrying out a literature review; which is looking at what is already out there in relation to my search.  This is includes professional findings and analysis of what worked and what did not work.
The third point is, designing the study. This is the framework, and the use of mixed mythological approaches for my search. This will include quantitive and qualitive. Quantitive is highly influential and has numerical values, whereas because I am looking at ‘perception’ I will also need to carry out qualitive methods; which is very subjective in terms of taking the numerical value further through the use of analysis and cross sectional design.
The fourth point on the diagram, gaining ethical approval, I think with my subject so far I may be fine; however this is something which I will need to take into account if my search may cause offense to anyone.  After this the diagram suggests recruiting subjects or participants; which may only be a representation, focusing on perception for example, I could choose my participants through age or gender.
After this comes data collection, which is carrying out a range of research methods; which initially I will do a number of semi-structured interviews with open ended questions, after carrying this out following it by data analysis; looking at statistics and mean averages of research and results before collecting this all together to write my report at the end of the year.