CHR Travel branding

1977 Design has re-branded CHR Travel, which uses a pin locator device in the brand identity. Their aim in this rebrand was firstly to clarify CHR’s brand and then use design to explain some key elements of their brand offer and personality.

CHR Travel is a very successful travel company who create memorable tours of Europe for the tour operators’ customers. However, their previous visual brand did not reflect their core offering, their people-focused approach or their strong reputation in the market.
Their focus is on building great tours across the whole of Europe, which the tour operators’ customers will always remember, and this needed to show through the new existing brand.

In response to these issues discovered in the strategy, their approach to the rebrand is as follows; firstly the use of a locator graphic device (pin) within the brand identity to give a clear indication of the core offer of CHR Travel, that of organising tours of destinations.
Additionally, the prime focus of the tours is that people enjoy seeing the sites of Europe, and so the imagery used focuses on groups of people in key European locations.

Reworking of the company name was also added to the project, it is currently commonly referred to in their industry as CHR, which led to the creation of an explanatory tagline; Travel Europe.

“With a global audience, and multiple languages, a simple, graphic symbol device was appropriate.”

My immediate reaction to this was ‘Google Maps’. The use of the ‘pin’ here, which to me is clearly obvious why 1977 Design has used it; symbolising location, which has grown upon many internet users through the likes of Google Maps, Facebook ‘check-in updates, Twitter and many other social networking sites. Is it appropriate in relation to this? I do actually quite like it, but a part of me cannot help but think it is too cliché.