Brand Juxtapositions

Companies differentiate products from their competition. Why is differentiation an important strategy? There is actually little difference between many product brands. The only difference is the class aesthetics associated with the product in their advertising campaign.

In advertising, when differentiating one product from another, in order for adverts to catch viewers’ attention it adds to be humorous in order to create meaning through juxtapositions with the other product.

One example I have decided to look at is the Aldi Adverts created by McCann Manchester, they are humorous and loved my many, and the Aldi ‘Tea’ advert was in fact the most liked ad of the year in 2011.

I thought the adverts were clever, and loved the idea that they gently mocked famous brands successfully. In each advert scenario they would represent a famous brand, adding “they like that brand, but they also like the Aldi brand too.” Nothing too critical towards the rival brand, only suggesting that their customers think there is not much difference in taste from the famous brand, to the cheaper Aldi brand.

A spokesperson for Kellogg’s said “Imitation is the best form of flattery so we’re actually quite pleased that Aldi has decided to effectively double our brand presence in this slot by running their advert about low fat cereals next to ours.

“The fact they’ve chosen to put the Special K red dress (or a take on it) at the heart of their ad shows you just how much our advertising has become famous.”