LiveSurface and PrestoVisual Templates

‘With some decent Photoshop skills templates can demonstrate the potential of a new visual identity”

There is a great article in Creative Review this month, about websites offering templates that make it easier and save time for designers to make reality visual mock-ups.

Clients want to see how their new logo might look on a giant poster, screen-printed across a T-shirt or a canvas bag. It is now easier for designers to display their visuals and make them look like reality when using Image templates such as the templates from LiveSurface and Presto Visual. As realism increases, and work continues to spread largely online, how does this begins to effect the differentiation between questioning what is real and what is not?

As ever tightening deadlines and budgets continue, applying art work and producing images is much simpler and faster.
LiveSurface offers over 400 different templates which is a large selection and one that could easily demonstrate the potential of a new visual identity.

Then of course, there is the controversy of eBay using fake shopping bags, when they are clearly fake; questioning why they would do that…