Vista Print Logo Design

Last week I put my reputation at risk and sat with a client whilst we designed a logo using the cheaper logo design services that are available online.  She immediately chose to use Vista Print, having seen many advertisements on TV about this service.

We had not discussed the start-up business in detail, I was only aware that it had something to do with pets.  I had asked her to let Vista Print do all of the work. I also had no choice or say in the name of the company (more so that the business owner had actually chosen the same name as a well-established pet shop service). However I still remained silent and let Vista Print work its branding magic.

1 2


1: Choose company name
2: Choose icon
3: Choose typeface
4: Choose type style
5: Choose colour
6: Thank you, now pay us £12:18

I asked the client if they would be happy to pay £12:18, to which they claimed that they would, and that they also ‘liked’ the logo design. This was certainly created out of personal choice, rather than what actually represented the company, however. Analysing how the client went through the stages I noticed that they had chosen the first symbol that represented an animal, a styled typeface adding a drop shadow to this, and finally choosing their favourite colour.

What Vista Print could not offer was research, feedback or a consultation, however cheap this logo design may have been, is this really what some business would like to represent their business?

Every company should aim to create a brand, without a brand the company has no desire for long term success. I believe every start-up company should be aware of the importance of branding.

Branding can be defined as the perceived emotional image of a company as a whole. If a company believes is has a unique service or product to offer, in order for the businesses marketing expenses to increase substantially, it is important to brand the company successfully.

Branding relies on audience perception; a brand is established and created based on the views of the company in order to allow an audience to gain sight of it. The most significant goal of a company in order to allow it to expand is to create brand recognition and gain customer qualities, which include loyalty, memorability familiarity.

For the next stage of my research, I will work with the client to create a brand, and work with them with the intention to change their perception on branding. I will bring the client into the process in order for them to see the work involved.