Vista Print Logo Responses

“It is Vista Print all the way for me, get rid of all those pompous over paid designers who want you to think they are the only people who can design something for you and charge you the fucking earth.”

I couple of weeks ago I asked a group of designers and business owners to use the cheap service that Vista Print offers and design a logo for their business, a fictional business or an already existing business.

I started them off by explaining in my message, ‘Just type the name of your company and press the ‘Get Started’ button!’ and asked them to send me a print screen of the end result and asked them to get back to me with their thoughts on this kind of service, and whether they would proceed and purchase the logo for their company. I also explained to those not using a Laptop, that the logo can be designed on the iPad and most mobile devices, with it being more of a selective choice.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the results, and range of mixed opinions.


Dan is currently studying A-Level Graphic Design at college. He suggestsThe designs are quite nice, but they’re all very simple. I’ve attached the final logo for you, not that I had to do much to get to it. I personally don’t like the idea of selecting a logo out of a collection, I think the designs feel unimportant as there are so many to choose from and it requires minimal effort to select one. There is no way of knowing whether there will be a design available that suits your company, and no way for people who have no experience in design of making changes to one. In order to change a design slightly, a designer would have to be contacted and a request made, but if you have to do that anyway then why not just go to them in the first place and tell them any specific features you would like? There is also a very limited number of fonts to choose from, and only a few available that I would ever consider using. I do have mixed feelings about the idea though, because I feel that the process is making designers redundant, but then it is a designer who has created them all. It just means that less designers would be needed in the future if this kind of service was more common, though I prefer logos all being created specifically for one company each, it gives them and the designers more value.

I got the company name from a random name generator, and the logo that I chose worked quite well with the link side, but this wouldn’t be the case for everyone.’
I got back to Dan and found it quite interesting that he had used a business name generator for his brand logo.

2Alice, who is a designer, came up with a fictional logo design because she did not want to de-value her own brand. Alice explains ‘In general I felt the service was poor as little was explained to the customer and there was a lack of control over the design resulting in oddly sized text. Vista Print lacks skill, refinement and individuality and I would never consider using it personally.’

3Peeking Bears is a restaurant, I was not given any more specific information about this, however it was a fictional business.  I am aware of the logo icons that Vista Print offer, and one specific icon on the front page which is ‘Peeking Bears’ I believe the name for this company through the influence of the icon on display.


5Little Red Riding Hood is a social enterprise scheme a graphic designer, had thought up during his second year of university. Whilst creating this he explained that the logos only take a few minutes to design, and insisted he would design a further four. Flute Juice is a friend of his company that he works for, the company sets up gigs.

6This was the result from Consult. Design. Print, Director and designer at the company. He adds ‘I’d say that the system is pretty neat, actually. I was aware of it, but had never had need to use it.
I wouldn’t pay for that design, it took me about 2 – 3 minutes to design it, however it has made me think more about my business identity, and how people I work with at the moment could easily be distracted from the initial look and feel they expected to get.
This is like…. quick and dirty in my view. If I had a chance to design my own business, I would have this as perhaps a starting point. These logos are quite a good pool of ideas, food for thought and all that.
If anything, I would take my chosen look and come to someone like you to get it done properly.
The thought that one day I might exchange cards with someone at a BNI meeting or anywhere else for that matter, and have them hand me the same logo back… doesn’t bear thinking about.’

7Director of Seagull Clothing, who is also a designer, explained he did not want his name or actual company brand to be used for this project, however was happy to change the name of the company. He adds ‘I was so tempted to use the font as comic sans. I went with this compass like thing, because I figured it tied in with the seagull theme a little, what with it being a sea bird. I am going to be honest, Vista Prints – Design Your Own Logo service is shocking; such bad designs, and you question would I proceed to buy it? No, never.

“The designs are too generic, none of them stand out or look to be of quality, they just remind me of clip art on word…”

I would say a poor service. Not only this,  a million other people could also be using your logo icon, so it does not make your brand all that distinctive. I feel it also damages the reputation of designers, as people think oh I can believe they can just get a ‘cheapy’ icon from Vista Print, and therefore devalues the industry, people need to realize the value of design, and start hiring designers rather than these rubbish ‘cheapy’ companies.
If I want my logo on a billboard I wouldn’t be able to get it big enough as I just have a HQ jpeg file, so limits the usage as well. Overall, I would not use it.

8Art Technician and Designer David, suggests ‘Some of the logos look quite cool but that is me thinking as a designer. I feel some people that want something that looks good, which is easy but they don’t understand what a brand is, and feel as though they have to have a logo.’

9Illustrator, Damon Morris decided rather he did not want a logo for his business, being a freelance illustrator and that it would be more ideal for him to have a business card. Damon explains ‘The website was very clear and simple to use. I would definitely recommend this site for anybody seeking to make business cards for personal use or a company. It supplied a range of great template designs with something for every type of business. Very pleased!

I would probably use this service if a designer was more expensive? However the designer would be original.

“This service was fast, reliable and affordable”

10Builder at Corke Construction suggests, I thought this service was really good, very easy to use it and the end results I think actually look very good, I like it. I would definitely buy it, I thought it was really good easy to use and a wide choice of different logos for different businesses.
To be honest I think I would use a service like this over a designer because of how easy it was and because of the end result.’ He then added additionally ‘It is Vista Print all the way for me, get rid of all those pompous over paid designers who want you to think they are the only people who can design something for you and charge you the fucking earth.’