Vista Print VS Designer

photo1In my two previous posts I had got a range of people including designers and business owners to design a logo on Vista Print and gathered their opinions on this. I later analysed their thoughts on the service and now here I go on to discuss my theory onto their attitudes towards the service in comparison to a designer.

In my sketch book I have sketched up a little diagram questioning the customer how they would like their graphic design based on an info graphic I had come across.

It seems Vista Print can offer through the minds of my audience; and all in one fast, free and great service whilst designers can only offer two of the following options available at one time and it possibly having excess charges. Fast and great; which would cost a considerable amount more, fast and cheap; the customer would get what they pay for, or finally great and cheap; something quickly put together.

Vista Print’s free logo service would never give the customer a ‘no’ or say something was impossible to do given a particular time scale…