Sold as Seen

I have been working heavily with Chester Performs after recently being hired to work as a creative collaborator for their latest project ‘Rogues’ Galleries’. The main point of the project is to address the struggles the high street has with homogeneous brands and the effect this has on original thought. I thought the project would be a fantastic opportunity to get in with and work with some of the artists and their artistic approach to answering this particular brief as part of my MA, with currently looking into mass behaviour and the consumer.

One of the artists Hester Chillingworth has put together a collection of ‘SALE’ signage. Sold as Seen is a collection of professionally made red and white ‘SALE’ signage which play tricks with well-known sale phrases changing their meaning and opening up questions about the price of retail whilst skewing their meaning and reach.

Looking into shop sale signage as part of my project I think this is a particularly interesting approach. I noticed myself giving them a second look when walking past Hester’s installation, and could have easily have mistaken these for actual sale and closing down signs.


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