Brand CMYK and RGB Colour Values

I have recently been looking into the theory of colour and how this may define the value. Initially looking into what are known as cheaper value stores in the UK and the sale/discount signs I noticed that they are each mainly yellow, blue and red. From this I wanted to match these colour values against the original CMYK and RGB colour values to define the comparison.

colour value info graphic

The colour chart below shows the slight differences between the brand colours.
Yellow stood closely to the original CM-Y-K numeric colour value. The colour comparison varied with differences in the level of magenta used. Lidl was a very close match.

colour value differences

I then altered the colour values on the original brand logos to question if there is a clear visual difference. The colours used now match the original (100,0,0,0) CMYK and (255,0,0) RGB numeric colour values.

aldi 100percent ikea logo 100percent lidl 100percent sale 100percent

The Aldi brand stands out to have differed the most in colours, however the colour difference between Lidl, Ikea, and Sale discount sign could be unnoticeable. I will question others not involved in the project to see if they can notice the difference.