Opening Packaging

I am interested in looking at the way we view, hold and open packaging. From a very early age we know how to use a piece of packaging, and open it to get to our goods. I tested this out and filmed it using my one year old niece who has an enormous love for chocolate. With the Thornton’s chocolate there was no hesitation, she lifted the lid off the box immediately. Within 16 seconds she had one of the chocolates in her mouth.1 2 3With the box of Malteasers she found this one a little more confusing. She understood the hole in the top lid was an opening to get chocolate but wanted the second section fully open to get a full view and her hands all over the chocolate, and worked this out within 25 seconds of having the product.

I found this particularly interesting to test out on a one year old with not having the ability to read yet, or have been influenced or overloaded with information.

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