Stripping the brand – pushing this further

Here I have created a series of packaging focusing on the brand colours and packaging shape and size. The packaging includes no information, written brand information or imagery. The reason for this was to analyse the packaging and question weather this was still recognisable from the colours, and size or material of the product.
When analysing Aldi’s products, I repeated this process and pulled the packaging apart to reveal the net, finding their products were an exact replicate of the well known products.  Therefore In order to create my packaging, I pulled apart the product net of each of the products I was intending to replicate and used the exact packaging net to the approximate size, and exact colour values.
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Before summer break, I had not pushed this idea far enough. I questioned numerous people what they seen the products as, but I did not get a realistic result from this. Prototypes can offer the best feedback, testing the product in a real situation, with a real audience (on a shelf – with consumers) will make my results more accurate. I need to conduct this in a normal shopping pattern and get the consumer to think more about shopping than testing to avoid getting skewed.