I am currently studying part-time for my Masters Degree in Design at the University of Chester, focusing my investigation around branding and identity.
I intend to start my studies around researching into the value of branding, and how this is perceived by both the audience who see it, and the client that commissions it.
Initially one of the important discussions regarding my topic in relation to the design industry is looking at what the future holds for branding and identity itself, as well as researching into the digital revolution which is continuously changing the way we design,

Alongside my studies I am a full time designer, working at a Chester based design agency and as a freelance web designer in all of that free time I get around not studying.
Studying part time allows me to continue working within the design industry, which means I can improve both my skills in two areas. On my Masters I develop my knowledge within the theory side of design and develop my conceptual thinking, working within the industry I learn how to tackle challenges in real case scenarios, working with and learning from professionals and other designers. This is key for me and my development and I like to look at this as a good balance of learning.

I intend to use this blog to showcase some of my findings, display some inspiration and express some of my opinions. I am quite sceptical and I intend to keep an open mind throughout my investigation which I feel is the best way to go about it during the initial stages of my research.
I value others opinions as much as I would expect my own opinions to be valued, so I am more than happy to receive any thoughts and comments on my posts, or additionally send me a private email.


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